Misdirection: Lost On The Road Of Life

Who here is lost?

    You can be honest. I know I use to be, as shocking as that sounds. Life wasn’t always great; anger, depression, anxiety, drugs and alcohol. I lived a rather lazy, sub par life  always shying away from the public, always making up excuses that eventually dwindled my friendships down to only a few. I’m sure we all know how it can be, when lost it is often hard to focus. How can you be expected to live a normal life, when you don’t even know what path you’re on? Without even knowing who you truly are?

What direction are you headed?

Many people, don’t know which direction they travel. They let the GPS work for them. Never learning the world.  You see technology has made us ignorant. No longer, can we tell the time by the sun.  The season by the birds.  Most people don’t know the Moss theory. Do you?

There are a lot of people that don’t know about the persimmon seed. Or how to read the weather by the atmosphere.  It’s sad really, we are so blind and dumb to life. We mosey on throughout our day, and don’t notice anything.  Faces stuck to phones, not paying attention to the surroundings. We miss life by trying to capture it on a tiny screen.

Image showing a girl into her phone, and missing life.
What are you missing?

Do you still have family time?

Relationships crumble, families grow apart,  dinner consists of phones and tablets. If not, it’s in front of the TV.  Family time doesn’t exist anymore. And it’s alarming.  When you think about it,  most of us are headed in the wrong direction. Life gives us a detour, and we lose our way.  We can’t let that happen though. Without a solid foundation to build from, a house is just weak walls and a half-assed attempt at a shelter. Without some sort of support, it will fail to be and it will fall to the ground. We mustn’t let that happen. Build your relationships up, with friends and family alike. You never know when you’ll need that foundational support. It is better to have too much, than too little.

The path of least resistance?

We have to look at life, as a giant roadway. With different turns and different side streets. I encourage everyone who reads this to look for the obstacles,  look for the road blocks. And find a way through, around, or over them. Do not look for the easy path,  the path with no obstacles. That is the wrong path to follow. That,  is the path that will give you the least outcome.  The road to success is paved with obstacle after obstacle. It will not be easy, nor will it be as fun as some play it out to be. This is something you must experience for yourself. Something you must be willing to endure, or live a life of solidarity and hopelessness.

Image showing life has road blocks, and we often get lost.
Road closed? Find another way.

Only when faced with adversity are we truly tested and strengthened.

Go chase adversity,  and watch yourself grow. Get lost to will find yourself. Each and every path you take, brings forth new obstacles. Embrace those obstacles and embrace the adversity bestowed upon you. We cannot grow unless we are faced with change. Just as a diamond cannot grow, unless it is put under pressure. The pressure you are feeling right now? Is forming your into a diamond. Go shine!