Diseases, Can You Cure or Even Prevent Them?


In no way am I claiming to be a doctor, miracle worker or to prove I can cure diseases. This is just from my own research and my own findings. Do YOUR OWN research to draw the conclusions for yourself.


 We all ask the same question. “I have, such and such disease. What can I do?” So what do we do? Go to the doctor, tell them your symptoms, and leave with a prescription (or 7)*. Without even thinking, or reading the side effects on the paper given by the pharmacy, we pop the pills and go about our day. Give it a few weeks, or months, and ever so slowly something begins to feel “off” yet we cannot place a finger on it. Back to the doctor, more medicine for the new symptoms. And the cycle continues.


*Fun fact: I once went to a doctor, and told him how I was feeling. This was my first visit with him. I left his office, and went to get my medications. When I picked them up, I had 7 prescriptions from him. All on the first visit, two of which were controlled substances. This is when I realized I needed to take my health and longevity in my own hands.*


“I hate the side effects of my medicines, but I NEED THEM”

No, let me stop you right there, you don’t. You can change, prevent and even cure some if not all diseases. Our body has the ability to rid itself of any ailment that becomes us. Not only, can we rid ourselves of toxins and rid the body of disease. It is also possible to prevent the disease from ever happening in the first place. The problem with medication, no one reads the list of side effects. So when they get a side effect, they go to the doctor. The doctor knows of these side effects, and insists that it’s normal and will prescribe another medication. Or, even insist you take something OTC (over the counter) to lessen the side effects. Yet, these also have another list of possible negative side effects (like antacids, that can disrupt your stomach acid years down the road if used frequently). 

Image showing prescription drugs
It’s all about the money.

  Some of you are sitting there, saying:

“Well that cannot be, my doctor gave me this pills for a reason”.

The reasoning, is Big Pharma, and the prescription agenda. They make more money, off of people who have diseases that are easily curable with diet change and supplementation of natural resources. (Did you know that doctors only get around 4 hours of nutritional training in school?). Only 4 hours! That is insane, when they are in school for over 8 years.  But, they are told to push these expensive and unnecessary medications, with a side effect list that is worse than what they are claiming to cure (One of them being death). My honest opinion, they mask the underlying causes of diseases, poor nutrition and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. These are the things that will help prevent these problems in the first place.


Why are we vitamin/mineral deficient?

Our soil isn’t what it use to be, let’s just be honest about that. Due to pollution and over farming. It is just fact, Eli Whitney (the guy who invented the cotton gin) had a very interesting ideology back in the 1700-1800’s. He found, that the more the land was farmed, and farmed with the same crop (cotton, cotton, cotton), the less minerals there were in the ground. He found, that, crop rotation was the way to minimize mineral leeching and fix the issue with crops not growing as well. The problem is, not only are our lands over farmed, they are also farmed with GMO seeds. These seeds are genetically modified to only have ONE harvest and that is it (among other  modifications), and modified with round-up to automatically kill bugs and prevent weeds. It has been shown that the GMO crops, with round-up, kills insects by eating their stomachs from the inside out. They say this is safe for human consumption, yet they fail to realize that things mutate. Guess that’s why there is an increase of GI tract issues.

Healthy lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. With the addition of these items, can aid in the possibility of curing cancer, Yes CURING cancer *(See disclaimer)*, preventing cancer, and a host of other diseases, including but not limited to:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • IBS
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Dementia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Asthma
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hair loss
  • Tooth decay
  • Diabetes
  • Tumors(shrinking them)

 The list goes on and on. The number of diseases has grown to such a magnitude, since the early ages of man. They never knew diseases as of which we now know. Even the black plague, was treated by lancing the buboes that had formed. They then applied a warm poultice of; butter, onion and garlic. Other remedies were tried as well, including : arsenic, lily root and even dried toad. Something obviously worked, because it never wiped out all of mankind (maybe it was how they ate, or maybe it was luck?).

  A lifestyle change is inevitable when faced with a life altering or life threatening disease: More vegetables, more fruits, quality meat (sparingly), less starchy carbs and periodic fasting.

These are the best natural (obviously organic) ingredients to use, that can help rid your body of all sorts of toxins:

 Apple cider vinegar has been used for the longest time as a natural remedy for acid reflex and a host of other stomach related problems. It can help balance the acid in the stomach, and regulate digestion. It also has its place in fat loss.

2. Locally Sourced Honey.

 Honey, can be used for a number of things. From a natural allergy suppressant. To some quick energy. And, helping ward off pesky acne. It is a very versatile product.

 This, is a natural antioxidant that has more power than a cup of green tea. It was used along side green chilies(fresh), and vanilla. To make the first ever “hot chocolate” (not the sugary, fake powder we are use to and definitely no marshmallows).

 This, is the mecca of all products. Curing and stopping cancer cells and tumors. Tooth health. Intestine health. Gut health. Hair and skin health. Brain clarity. You name it. Coconut can be used for it. The best part, is the coconut oil. But, coconut(raw), coconut milk and water are all great to use. This is a cure all, and a must in an everyday diet.

 5. Trace Minerals Research – Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops – 8oz

As I stated before, our soil has been depleted of minerals.

There are many other products that can be used by the body, to help fight and ward off diseases. Also help prevent them:

  • Cayenne pepper.

-Reduces inflammation

-Regulates digestion

-Clears congestion



-Eases sore and achy joints (high in capsaicin)

-Promotes weight loss

-Can be used as a topical remedy to prevent pain

  • Garlic(raw is best)




-Helps thin the blood and regulate heart health

-Good for digestion

-Contains a good amount of trace nutrients needed for optimal health

-Can combat the common cold better than cough syrup

-Antioxidant rich

-Lowers bad cholesterol

  • Ginger.

-Aids in digestion

-Prevents motion sickness

-Lessens nausea

-Helps with appetite loss

-Anti-blood clotting properties

-Helps to prevent bacterial infections

-Anti-pain properties

-Scientist at the University of Minnesota, conducted a study. They worked with immune compromised mice, giving them three weekly feedings of ginger. This delayed the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

  • Cinnamon.

-Fights diabetes by lowering blood sugar


-Helps fight against cognitive decline and protects brain function with age

-High source of antioxidant

-Fights viruses and infections

-May cut heart disease risk

  • Collagen.

-Skin health

-Hair health

-Nail health

-Reduces joint pain and to prevent degeneration

-Can aid in fixing leaky gut syndrome

-Improves liver health

-Stronger hair, nails and teeth

-Protects cardiovascular health

  • Turmeric.

-Thins the blood and prevents heavy clotting better than OTC medications

-Can prevent heart disease

-Anti-Depressant properties

-Anti-inflammatory (when coupled with black pepper, reduces inflammation better than leading OTC pain relievers/prescription muscle relaxers)

-Arthritis management

-Several studies show anti-cancer properties

-Helps the prevent and treat GI issues such as GERD and IBS


Inflammation, acne, poor circulation, obesity, etc. These are all things a simple tweak or two of your diet can change. Let me give you a start, to cleansing your system. Kevin James used this, to lose his weight. I heard this on a Joe Rogan podcast(highly recommend listening/watching)

Drink one shake every morning:

  • Kale(one bundle)
  • Celery(2-4 stalks)
  • A whole chopped Pear
  • 1 cucumber
  • Ginger root (about 2″ of fresh, peeled ginger)

Make sure all ingredients are washed and fresh, if you cannot do fresh you can do frozen (never canned), and non-GMO.

Blend together, with a bit of water(coconut water if you want).

And if you really want a kick, add a spoon full of chia seeds and or hemp seeds (both good for digestion and packed with good fats).

That shake will cleanse your body and get you on your road to fat loss, in no time.

So in closing, I recommend everyone follow a diet high in vegetables and moderate fruits, use vitamins and supplements when needed. Use spices(organic) as much as wanted. And, Moderate protein.


Basically, any potato product is eliminated (Save for the occasional sweet potato) and no corn, yes it is still a grain.

Get active. Get moving.

And stay healthy,

Until next time,

-Coach Corey.