What you think, you become. What you become, you manifest.

Your mind is your biggest asset. It holds the power of the world inside your head. You have the ability, to become anything you want with the power of your mind. Yet, we limit ourselves and we limit the power of our minds. When faced with the idea of positive thinking yielding positive forward action, we dismiss it as hearsay. We would rather cram our heads with these ideals and images that we are overwhelmed with on a daily basis. Commercials, magazines, movies, reality television. It all has an impact on our lives, on our minds, and our thoughts.

    We need to break ourselves free from the chains of corporations that are making millions, marketing our emotions. Modeling companies, breeding the minds of young men and women to starve themselves or to buy the next weight loss craze to get skinny to “look good”. Commercials, breeding in our minds showing us what we “need”. Telling us that we need to go out and buy this food, or that food. Pick up the phone and order this food. Got a headache? There’s 10 different pills for that. Check this pill out with your doctor, but don’t forget those side effects, so get more pills. Check out these reality stars, your life sucks because you’re not them. You don’t wear Gucci, Prada, Louis Viton, you’re not driving a Mercedes so you’re nobody. It is a constant barrage with WRONG information, flooded into our consciousness.

    What you think you become. You become what you think in your mind. People misconstrue that concept, and don’t believe in it. They don’t believe in it, because they cannot understand it. At times, we can be so close minded that we forget we have the power to overcome anything we face. Any adversity we come across, our mind can overpower it. What we think we become, What we become, we manifest. When we think positive, we become positive. When we become positive, we begin to manifest positivity outward into the world.

    Let me give you an example of how what you think, is what you will become. Go to a gathering, it can be 10 or 100 people. Look around, most people seem happy. When there is a lot of people gathered, it is for the most part a good thing. Look for that one person in the group, because 99% of the gatherings have them, and find the one who is off in the corner. The one who is sitting alone. The one who is silent, or who is radiating negative energy off of them. Notice, how people tend to flock away from them? Or, if someone is sitting near them, that negative energy is emitting from that person or persons as well? What we think, (negative or positive) we become, what we become we manifest (negative or positive). We have the power to change the world, by our thoughts alone. Positive thoughts, breed positive actions. Positive actions, breed positive manifestation.

    We create our own world based off our thoughts. Our thoughts keep us in line, they keep us in order. We have the power to change them, and ultimately change ourselves. Yet, we limit ourselves with videos of angry cats, and reality television. We limit ourselves with cheap school yard gossip and negative interpretations. We let our family, religion, teachers, government and friends influence us. When we should be influencing others. We let these things, we let television, and people we don’t even know nor will ever know, we let them control our lives. We want to buy the next this, because Kim Kardashian is doing it. So and so is doing this, so I want to do it. We follow crowds, all the whole our consciousness is slipping into a state where it is vulnerable. What happens? A negative thought arises. Now all of a sudden, with our defenses down, we become depressed.

    We notice the little things first. Maybe it’s that nagging hair line. Or those eyebrows you dislike. Maybe it’s your eye color. The shape of your ear. The size of your nose. Then you notice you’ve gained a few pounds. Now all your clothes don’t fit. Now, your shoes suck. You need new designer clothes, yours are rags. Now your car is crap. Your house sucks. You wish you had kids. Or you wish you didn’t. You want to go party. You wish you could be famous. You hate your image. And now here comes more depression. And more negative thoughts. And more and more and more and more. The cycle goes on. Until you’re in your mid thirties, sometimes mid twenties, and have a nervous breakdown. You go radical. Diet pills, starvation, buying crazy workout equipment that is advertised on the late night infomercials that you watch when you can’t sleep because of your newly developed insomnia. The doctors are all wrong, you’re just going through some things. You spend more money on the workout equipment than it would cost for a year at the gym. And you never use it. You spend more on diet pills, than would cost to eat healthy for a year. And they never work.

    Now you see that perfect couple on that show. And you cry, because your relationship sucks. It’s nothing like that. Your husband or boyfriend is nothing like that guy. He never does that stuff for you. He never spends thousands upon thousands of dollars to impress you daily. His body doesn’t look that good. When in reality your husband is breaking his back doing things daily to impress you and you’re too caught up in reality television relationships, and movie relationships to realize.

    Guys, look at these models and these women in pornography and they think every woman looks like that. Shaved arms and legs, skinny, perfect boobs, perfect everything. And, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Women are not perfect. Even those that portray themselves outside that they are perfect, have bed head at 6 in the morning. Their breath stinks. They fart and burp, they don’t always have that makeup and fake lashes on. Women are human beings. And we as men objectify them, and make them feel like they must be better. As a race, as a society, we are failing. Men look at women in magazines and videos, and create this image of a woman in their head. And when their bubble is shattered, so is the woman’s heart they break when she is different than what he thought was what she would be like. Then we wonder why we wind up single at 30, in a bar picking up the girl aforementioned, to take home for a one night stand. It is a sad cycle.

    It all comes back to, what you think you become. What you become, you manifest. If you think positive, the positive will flock to you. Keep like minded company. Keep yourself around people who are positive. Keep yourself in the presence of those who you wish to be like, and eventually, you will be like them. And remember, you have the power to change your situation. It lies within your mind, within your thoughts. Help change the world, and manifest greatness.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi