Change your life for good. 

    Perception is everything. How do you look at things in your life? What are your senses telling you, at this very moment? Now, take what you’re feeling. And change how you see that situation. Change how you perceive that situation. For example, we are faced with this situation: Imagine you work for a big company, right? And one of your coworkers decides to use you to try and better his name, to get promoted.  You have 2 basic ways to perceive the situation and respond accordingly. 

Option 1: You can perceive it as that person is just using you, because you’re terrible at your job. You’ll never get the promotion, so you’re an easy target to use as a stepping stone. 

Option 2: You could perceive it as, the reason he chose you was because you are better than him. Maybe he is intimidated by you and your work? So his goal is to belittle you, steal your confidence and ultimately steal the promotion from YOU. 

    Life is all about our perception in things. That perception is how we will react to certain situations. Those reactions, are what cause us to map our life. Are we living in a constant state of negative reactions? Well that will cause our lives to be quite dull and stale, on the verge of even being detrimental to our overall health. 

    When we perceive situations, we must look at each angle with a clean slate. We cannot look at the same situation, or even a different situation, wth the same perception as before or a previous situation. It just isn’t healthy and will get us nowhere but in an endless loop of cat and mouse with our emotions. We never seem to get ahead, or seem to get a grasp on our emotions. 

    What do we do then? HOW do we change our perception? We simply just stop searching for the answers outside of us. Stop searching the world for an answer to our questions and concerns. Look within ourselves, and search for the answers we NEED. Not the answers we THINK we need. Not the answers we WANT. We will always find the answers we need, once we search inside ourselves. Search inside yourself for the answers you need, your perception will change as YOU see fit. We have the power to change any aspect of our lives we wish. We must first search ourselves for the ability to do so.