Unsubscribe, unfollow, unplug. 

    Attachment, one of the greatest causes of depression and anxiety in our modern world. As a matter of fact, I will venture to say, most of the depression now days is caused from being attached. Sit and think about it,what are we attached to? Movies, tv shows, the internet, ourcell phones, some of us are tethered to desks and work stations. We are attached to things and ideas that are as old as man itself. 

    The idea of the 9-5, “American Dream”, lifestyle may appeal to some. Working 5 days a week, 8-12 hours a day,  coming home and sitting in front of a television, cold beer in your hand, eating warmed left overs from 4 days ago before they go bad. That is the life of the average American. The average adult, hates their life. They may not show it on the surface and may even become confrontational when you mention this. The truth is, most people live life for the weekend and their vacation days. 

    I recently heard some great words of wisdom from Tai Lopez, he says: “If you have to take a vacation from your job, from what you’re doing. You should never go back to that.” To me, that makes the most sense out of everything I’ve ever heard.  Why would you need a vacation from your everyday life? That’s just asinine. You’re not living at that point, but just existing. Existing in a fucked up reality, distorted by the television you plaster yourself to for a means of pleasure. 

    Gone are the days of going outside for fun. Adults and children alike, sit indoors and slave away their lives to electronic devices. Attached to their televisions and computers. Living on a laptop and a flat screen television, vicariously through their shows and movies. Wishing they could be this person. Or that person. Wanting a better life, but ever quite changing how they live. 

    Attached to false feelings. Status updates and selfies. Like. Heart. Response. Share. Like. Like. Like. Like. With each press of a button. We get our false sense of amazement. Our false happiness. Dopamine releases into our brains. Making us happy, momentarily. Until the hype dies down. So we must update more statuses. More selfies. Let’s talk about “the good old days”. Let’s message our old friends and live out the “glory years”.  Let’s talk about irrelevant shit to get more dopamine, we’re addicts! Addicted to the push of a button that somehow gives us our sense of who our identity is. 

    Detach yourself from ideas and things. Detach from the false reality created to keep you in check and spending your time and money making other people rich. Stop living for likes. And like to live.