Time is money. 

    Imagine if you will, waking up every morning with $86,400.00 in your bank account. And with that $86,400.00 you have all day to spend it. When you wake up the next day, you notice another amount, equal to the amount yesterday, in your bank. And this keeps going on, indefinitely. 

    The catch is, there will never be any money left over from the previous day. Each day all $86,400.00 is used. There will never be anything left in your bank account. You cannot put it in a savings account. What you CAN do, is invest it in things that will hold value for years to come. 

    If you had that much money daily, what would you do with it? Imagine if you will, everything you do takes some of the money away. Watching television, work, sleep, when you eat, when you sit around doing nothing. The money just keeps falling off if it’s not utilized. But also imagine, you invest that money. Invest it in yourself. Invest it in things that give back to you on life. 

    You wake up everyday with this money. But it is in the form of seconds. So each second you waste, is a dollar wasted. While that does not seem like a lot, imagine if you waste 4 hours watching television daily. There are 3,600 seconds in an hour. Imagine that as money. That’s $3,600.00 times four. That’s $14,400.00 of your daily money you just wasted. A lot of us do that daily. Over a course of just one week, that is over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS wasted. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. That’s just from watching an average of 4 hours of television daily. A lot of us can spend this MINIMUM. Especially if we have a day off work or school. Binge watching our favorite shows. 

    I’m not saying you have to give up on everything you love. Not by any means. Just be mindful of how long you spend doing things. Watch television but, also work on yourself. Work on your blog, your instagram. Interact with your followers. If you’re into fitness, do grip work or stretch. Or foam roll. The possibilities are endless. Maximize your time, spend it well. Everyday we get one chance at the day. There aren’t any rewinds. There aren’t any second chances. Each second is another dollar. Time really is money.