How do you season your life?

    There are four seasons to a year, just like there are four seasons to your life. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It is inevitable that these seasons come, and they go. They never deviate, it is a contestant and known fact. You can anticipate this each and every year. You know when spring comes, because the flowers start to bloom. You know when summer comes, because the days get longer and the sun gets brighter. You know when fall comes, because the leaves begin to die. Just like you know when winter comes, because it gets colder, the days get shorter and it begins to snow. 

    With these four seasons, our lives change in different ways. Weather it’s our hair getting lighter, and skin getting darker from the sunlight in summertime. Which also accounts for our vitamin D being in abundance, and happiness following behind. Or it’s the frigid cold air of winter. They call it the “winter blues” for a reason. Less sun, means less vitamin D. Which in turn, means less happiness. It’s a chemical reaction that happens. Let me break it down for you a little more:


    Springtime is a time for growth.  Flowers start to bloom again. Animals come out of hibernation. Trees start getting their leaves again. The sun begins to come out more. It rains more, to spark the growth. Life begins again after a rough, harsh winter. It is a time when things begin to get happier and more vibrant, colors return and the way of life picks up. 


    Summertime is usually the happiest time of the year. It is the season everyone waits for. Parties, swimming, camping and just an all around great time of year. Flowers and plants are in full bloom. Animals are resumed to their natural process of life. Vacations normally take place in the summer. Kids are out of school. Families do more things together. People are more active. It’s generally just a better time of year. Full of life. 


    Fall, is one of those in between type of seasons. The flowers begin to wilt and decay. The leaves turn colors, which makes it a beautiful season. But during this seasons, things start to die off and prepare for winter. Animals begin to store food, grow their winter coats back out. Some animals go into hibernation. For us humans, we begin to prepare for school, and other activities that take place. It is the time of year, where bonfires take place most. But for the earth, it is a time of dying off and shedding of the past. 


    Winter can be classified as the most disliked season. It is a time where we get the “winter blues”.  Less sunlight, means less vitamin D. Less activity, means an increase in weight. Cold air brings forth a death of the plants and flowers. Animals hibernate. The world tends to slow down a bit. Not really very motivated. And the cycle starts all over again. 

  • Growth
  • Life
  • Decay
  • Death 

    This is the circle of life.  And how each season correlates with our own personal life. We go through internal seasons. Not just external seasons. We must be mindful of this. Just because it is spring outside, doesn’t mean we are going through spring inside. We could be in a falling period. 

    In order to understand emotions and emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. We must first understand this lesson. Embrace your season, weather the storm if it’s storming. Nothing is permanent. That includes your seasons. It is inevitable you will go through them all. Multiple times in your lifetime. You are not who you were two years ago. Nor are you who you were yesterday. 

    Until next time,

Coach Corey.