Meditation medication

    No doubt you’ve felt butterflies before a job interview or knots in your belly in moments of conflict.
    All these are momentary events which should subside after that situation is over or solved. But, what occurs when you ruminate on what’s occurred or dwell on bad things that may happen later on?
Were you aware that you can actually worry yourself sick?
    Recent research reveals the pressure increases your danger of death by 220 percent by any disorder, doubles your risk for Alzheimer’s, and the continual worry, panic, tension, and pessimism can increase your risk for heart disease by 70 percent!

Can your mind and emotions so dramatically make an impact on your wellbeing?
    It seems that, when you are caught up in worry, panic, nervousness, and pessimism, stress hormones signal your body to redirect energy away from normal repair of digestion, and immune responses toward hyper-vigilance to the outer environment and mobilization for actions. 

    If you have a stressful, fear of what might occur, oriented mindset fed by worry about days gone by, and expectancies of the worst, you set yourself up for illness and will dampen your immune response.
While the mechanisms aren’t entirely-known, new research reveals that the majority of immune response occurs in your gut-and that worry, fear, anxiety, and pessimism increase stress hormones and inflammation that set you up to get sick and impact bowel health.
So, reducing your anxiety just may be the most important step you’ll be able to take to prevent disease and set yourself up for best health!
    Fortunately, there is an easy action to shift how you respond to stress in the future, increase pressure resilience, and you can take to calm the tension you are feeling in the moment. That simple actions is meditation.

    Here’s how meditation helps:

, meditation starts your body’s natural relaxation response. This releases you from worry, panic, tension, and pessimism into a state of inner composure that is comfortable.
    In this way, meditation lowers your stress several notches and shifts your body into an all-natural repair and healing mode in which you are able to fix. Your body knows the best way to heal itself. You only need to give it a chance by taking a break and chilling out.
    Second, once you’ve calmed yourself, you’re more competent to discover the scenario you’re in from a relaxed viewpoint. In a state of worry, panic, nervousness, and pessimism blow them out of proportion and you will tend to amplify perceived risks.
    By comparison, in meditation, you knowingly adopt a curious observer’s point of view that makes it possible to objectively see what is really going on, so you could make a realistic evaluation of favorable activities you can take. This lowers your stress more.
    Third, meditation increases your ability to actively choose what you focus on, which can help you to remain focused on what you can do, rather than being distracted by worries about things that are outside your control. This strong positive focus finishes the shift from a state of tension to a state of empowerment.
    Finally, meditation familiarizes you with what it is like to be in a state that is comfortable, calm, clear, positive, so you’re able to more quickly recognize moments when slip into worry, panic, tension, and pessimism.
    If it’s your well-being you are worried about, meditation can help you to steer clear of anxiety and take the activities you know are to care for yourself well.
This easy technique feels great, also!
Enjoy your practice!
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