When your emotions eat more than you

    Perhaps you have felt so alone that it caused you, while your tears were flowing to catch that tub of ice cream in the refrigerator? Maybe you grabbed a spoon and started eating it? Yes, all of US want to eat no matter what the circumstance is. Food is a fundamental requirement in life. Even when we’re not overly stressed, we still eat because it is a way of life.

    Everybody knows that we eat to remain healthy and to get nourishment. Becoming overweight can be stressful. I know, I’ve been there. I was naturally slim but my metabolism becomes slower, so, gaining those extra pounds on the scale as I age, as well as eat in abundance. But I was able to beat that. One of my online friends inspired me to write this. She broke up with her boyfriend, was able to proceed, but is now becoming emotional again. Oh well…
   We all have great and terrible days. Now, some people eat a lot every time they feel emotional or stressed out. Eating can make us feel better although I really don’t understand the reason. However, the fact still stands that should you eat excessively, you may put on extra weight, which isn’t easy to lose. What causes us to become an emotional eater? Attempt to ask these questions to yourself:

  • Have you experienced a painful break up or loss of a loved one?
  • Have you been feeling stressed out at work?
  • Has there been any unresolved family or personal matters that’s been worrying you?

    Should you answer “yes” to any of the questions above, chances are you might be an emotional eater. Evaluate yourself Do you eat even when you’re not hungry? I was an emotional eater. During those times, when anxiety attacks, I turn to my “comfort foods” such as ice cream, chocolates, cakes, doughnuts, and other sweet treats. Until I realized that I ‘d already gained too much weight and that my clothing will not fit anymore. It’s not only all about maintaining the body I desire and staying fit. It is about remaining healthy. So, let me share how I managed to beat being an emotional eater:

    I accepted the proven fact that I eat a lot I feel psychological or stressed out. When you’ve already accepted that fact, then it would be easier for you to pause and think first you feel the urge to bite on that large slice of pizza simply because you get disappointed or things didn’t go your way.

    This really is something you need to ask yourself before reaching for that big tub of ice cream or before you bite that big chocolate bar. I read someplace on the Internet (sorry, I forgot where I got this info) that whenever you “think” you’re hungry, drink a glass of water first because thirst may be confused with hunger. The same thing could be applied to compulsive eating. At any time you feel stressed, drink a glass of water first. Afterward believe and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” before eating. 


    This really is one method I got myself to develop and I was proud the first time I’d prevented compulsive eating. That time, I had a rough night at work (I used to work at nights) and when I got home in the morning, I was nearly tempted to order a hamburger from a fast food delivery but I changed my mind. I wore my running shoes and changed my clothing. I circled the neighborhood and jogged. I felt amazed because for the very first time, I’d noticed the color of my neighbors’ houses, the woman with 5 cats, and the happy children walking their way to school. It was like I had just moved in but I’ve lived in the same area for more than 2 years. After a wholesome sweat, I went home, took a fast shower, had breakfast (a healthy one without burger and doughnuts), and felt joyful. And yes, I didn’t overeat.

Redirect your attention

    What if you suddenly felt excited, nervous, or temperamental? You may focus your attention to other matters. What I do is I write it on a sheet of paper, or to my joirnal (yeah, I still keep a journal). Or you’ll be able to listen to great music or see a show that is good – just avoid reaching out for a pop corn. Or if it is safe and possible that you do so, you may go out for a walk. Simply walk smoothly and breathe normally. Do something which could concentrate your attention to something else aside from eating – except of course, when you are REALLY hungry.

Treat yourself

    I never stayed away from ice cream, doughnuts, cakes, chocolates, and other sweet stuff I adore. Conquering compulsive eating does not mean you have to let go of the things you like (at least, that is what I believe). What I do is I eat those infrequently and I just eat them to reward myself. Like the time once I was able to finish my DIY project I found on Facebook.  I felt joyful and thought I deserved a reward. So I had three scoops of my favorite ice cream. Yes, I still had ice cream but I didn’t consume the whole carton. Check out this amazing tool I use when trying to treat myself, and stay healthy. 

    Conquering psychological eating is not an easy task. In some instances, you might have to seek professional advice to assist you boost your well being through honing your critical thinking skills, unwinding procedures, and controlling your emotions. Seek professional assistance and get your family involved also.

    I myself am a certified Holistic Nutritionist. I do offer a wide range of services, of which I will be adding to the store over the next few weeks. Until then, feel free to contact me and let’s set something up.

    How about you? Have you ever been a compulsive eater? How were you able to conquer emotional eating? Feel free to talk about ideas and your comments on the remark section. Thank you for reading!