The Thyroid Epidemic

    Occasionally, we need to make changes in our own lives, to ensure good health and to help with conditions we may be faced with. Can be challenging at times, but here are some ideas if you or your loved ones are faced with Hypothyroidism.
1. Heavy metals

    Heavy metals enter into the body readily from various kinds of metal pollution including radiation exposure from hi-tech gadgets (television, microwaves, and cell phones), mercury amalgam dental fillings, tap water and exposure to polluted environments. In case you suspect that you simply wish to alter your life or have heavy metal toxicity, you should eliminate all toxins in your living environment.
    It is very vital that you detoxify your house. Studies have linked ingredients in various household products to cancer, asthma, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity, and reproductive disorders. Consequently, our risk increases for these disorders and health complications. You can easily change your approach to cleaning using simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and borax.
2. Alkalize your body

    The body must keep a pH of 7.4 in order to function optimally. Nevertheless, our standard diet that largely includes animal protein, sugars, processed foods, gluten, dried foods, foods grown with hormones and pesticides are very acidic. An alkaline diet that is rich in nutritional supplements like chlorophyll, and chlorella including organic vegetables, smoothies and green juices support powerful immune and digestive health, which is also in line with a hypothyroid diet. For instance, you might have a green juice every day or just drink lemon water to stimulate peristalsis and also the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Use all-natural beauty products

    All you put on your own skin is assimilated into the body or eliminated. Since they feature various hormone mimicking compounds that interfere with natural human hormones that can cause many health concerns, chemical lotions and most perfumes weight your body heavily.

4. Physical action

    Besides cleansing your body, physical activity relieves stress and restores equilibrium to your hormones. Yet, it is important to uncover psycho-physical activities that suit you in order to alleviate anxiety that is accumulated. A number of the top kinds of exercise include meditation, mini trampoline jump, walking or jogging (in nature: mountains, forests, along lakes, rivers as well as the seashore), rowing, photo-safari, golf, Chi gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Martial arts (judo, kung fu, karate, and Aikido), and yoga (Chinese yoga and Hatha). Other wholesome activities include swimming, dancing, stretching, gymnastics, aerobics and weight lifting.

5. Sweating

    Perspiration is a very powerful means of cleansing your body. Examples of activities that stimulate a lot of perspiration include the sauna, exercising with hefty clothing and eating cayenne pepper. Toxins and some industrial pesticides can only be removed through the sweat glands.

6. Dietary changes

    For a recommended hypothyroid diet, eat a clean diet of real, whole foods which include food that’s organically grown without any pesticides and hormones. On the flip side, you should avoid foods and processed foods which contain refined sugar. Focus on comprising vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts into your diet in order to get energy without any unnecessary cravings. For instance, you can challenge yourself to several weeks of plant based diet that is gluten free and contains no alcohol or caffeine. Sticking to a hyperthyroidism diet is likely to force you to feel less fatigued more glowing and lighter!

    Your lungs greatly clear, the body relaxes as well as helps the mind to concentrate in order to let go of worry. Anxiety interferes greatly with digestion and resistance. So relieving anxiety, maybe by including meditation and yoga into your daily routine – is very valuable to the body.

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