What’s All The Fuss About Pomegranates?

What are Pomegranates?

In case you are learning about pomegranates for the very first time: Pomegranates are the orange-sized fruits using a solid ruby red outer skin and sweet arils – a reddish gelatinous flesh including a lot of seeds. Despite the various beliefs, the pomegranate seeds are completely healthy and edible. The truth is, each part of pomegranate has health benefits – the skin is utilized in dietary supplements as it is a great source of the polyphenols, including catechins prodelphinidins, and condensed tannins.

The History of Pomegranates

Pomegranates are thought to have been seen in the Garden of Eden, and are mentioned in the Book of Exodus, Babylonian texts, as well as the Homeric Hymns.

Pomegranates were understood in early Bronze Age as well as a dry pomegranate was discovered in among the Ancient Egyptian deities, the grave of Thoth, making us believe that pomegranates were more popular during the primeval times than they are now.

The primeval Spanish city of Granada was renamed during the Moorish period after pomegranate but despite all of the attempts to introduce the fruit to the various nations, including England, pomegranate kept remaining a hidden jewel that nobody found.

    Today, Turkish and Greek cultures find the pomegranate seeds as symbols of success and good fortune, and other cultures are attempting to find this wonder fruit.

Pomegranate Nutrition Facts:

Pomegranates belong to a superfood class, which means they’re rich in nutrients that may protect every part of your well-being. Flavonoids seen in its outer skin and both pomegranate fruit lead to a better entire body well-being. They are both are low in sodium and cholesterol in addition to have a comparatively low glycemic index, which means they do not cause a substantial spike in blood sugar.

100 grams of fresh pomegranate includes:

• 83 calories
• 4.0g of dietary fiber (16% of recommended daily consumption)
• 10.2milligrams of vitamin C (17% of RDI)

10 Greatest Health Benefits of Pomegranates

The science never remains still and it keeps investigating new superfoods everyday. Fortunately, many researchers all over the world have paid attention to pomegranates and what they’ve found surprised them. It turns out, pomegranates can boost a longer life, but in addition not only better health. Pomegranate juice, in particular, has been shown to control blood sugar, improve heart health and fight with entire body inflammation. Take a look at the 10 greatest health benefits of pomegranates researchers have found:

1. Boost artery and heart health

A high number of experiments and studies are conducted to learn more about the heart healthy benefits of pomegranates. One study revealed that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice often helps prevent oxidation and inflammation. It also decreases the quantity of plaque, and lowers high blood pressure. The analysis was conducted with 10 patients who’d been drinking a pomegranate juice for 3 and 1 years.

-Another study in Iran, that called for 22 diabetic patients, found that a fresh pomegranate juice will help decrease the cholesterol level.

-In a different study 13 guys older 39-68 who suffered from high blood pressure drank 5 ounces of pomegranate juice and after 6 hours, 7% reduced their entire high blood pressure. Plus, the experiment revealed that artery function enhances.

-A large study that affected the patients with ischemic coronary heart disease was ran by the research workers from the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California. The patients were given a day for 3 months up to 8 ounces of pomegranate juice. Consequently, the blood flow was enhanced along with the blood pressure being reduced. The conclusion? Routine pomegranate juice ingestion may improve pressure-induced myocardial ischemia in those who have problems with cardiovascular disease.

2. Fight with persistent inflammation

Pomegranates have demonstrated their ability to reduce inflammatory process in breast cancer cells and colon cancer – which is all thanks to the punicalagins seen in the fruit. Pomegranate juice may also help prevent and treat long-term inflammation, which mainly results in serious disorders, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and type 2 diabetes.

3. Shield the skin against killer sun-induced damage

Pomegranates boast the strong antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties that boost the skin well-being also. A study found that pomegranate fruit will help shield your skin against harmful sun- and skeep it looking and feeling younger due to the anti-aging properties.

4. Lower the arthritis danger

There are various kinds of arthritis, but a lot of them have one thing in common – they cause a serious inflammation in the joints which result in excruciating pain. They also cause numerous other health problems that are dangerous. As I mentioned previously, pomegranates have exceptional anti inflammatory properties. So, in turn, eating them frequently may help treat arthritis and alleviate joint pain.

   Both researches additionally revealed that pomegranates’ antiinflammatory properties can be valuable to individuals with osteoarthritis.

5. Decrease both breast cancer and prostate cancer hazards

The two of the most frequent cancer types which are exceptionally dangerous to women and men. Pomegranates are shown to contain the compounds that slow down the cancer cell reproduction and stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells. Guys can definitely reap the benefits of have pomegranates while all these aren’t the ending outcome and more studies are going to be run.

Numerous other studies, and found that pomegranate extract can kill a number of them and suppresses the breast cancer cell reproduction. We can say that including pomegranates is worth the praise, although more experiments are needed in this area.

6. Foster brain well-being

Pomegranates are quite high in the polyphenols, which have strong brain-boosting properties.

Another research involved elderly people who have memory complaints, including age-related ones. They were requested to drink pomegranate juice for 4 weeks. After those 4 weeks, they revealed the improved mark of verbal and visual memory.

7. Fight fungal and bacterial infections

Pomegranates have antimicrobial processes which were reported to kill fungal and bacterial contagious and antifungal properties ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20930339 ), making it one of the most powerful fruits to consume when attempting to fight the dangerous body bacteria. Routine pomegranate eating may also prevent illnesses for example gingivitis, periodontitis, and denture stomatitis.

8. Help women giving birth

-A study conducted by the research workers from the Heidelberg University in Germany shown that pomegranates contain special materials that strengthen the muscles in the reproductive system.

-Another research from the University of Liverpool found the same advantage of pomegranates, which make them one of the most healthy foods pregnant girls ought to be have more.

9. Encourage the liver well-being and fight with Hepatitis C

Chinese researchers shown that the strong antioxidant parts seen in pomegranates, flavonoids and polyphenols, help to guard the liver from damage.

-Another study implies that routine pomegranate eating can significantly decrease the hazard of developing Hepatitis C, which results in a serious damage to blood vessels, brain, kidneys, bones, joints, the liver, and pancreas.

10. Foster sexual well-being

Pomegranates are regarded as an all-natural aphrodisiac and commonly related to fertility and wealth for a lot of centuries. Needless to say, the researchers have ran a host of experiments that demonstrate that pomegranate eating boosts sexual well-being and could not overlook this fact.

The research done by the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh that involved 58 people aged 21 to 64 revealed that pomegranate juice has “Viagra” effect, increasing the testosterone levels in both girls and men.

Another study found that pomegranate juice have positive effects on erectile dysfunction, which makes it a must-eat fruit for guys.

9 Fascinating Truth about Pomegranates:

This fruit boasts a lot of concealed secrets and a rich history that people don’t have any knowledge of, but thanks to research workers, now we can learn more on these fruits of the Bible. I have gathered a number of the very fascinating truth about pomegranates which you likely did not even know about:

  •  The word “pomegranate” derives from the Latin words “pomum” (apple) and “granatus” (seeded), interpreted to be an apple with several seeds.
  •  Despite truly being a fruit, pomegranate belongs to the berry family.
  • The Pomegranate Festival is annually held in October in Azerbaijan, with joyous music, and lots of pomegranate meals and desserts.
  • A typical pomegranate features from 203 to 613 seeds, determined by the kind of the fruit Although the variety of seeds in pomegranates changes.
  • Pomegranate is considered a fruit that tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden,as opposed to an apple like most people believe by Tons of scholars.
  • In Greece, a pomegranate set near or under the ikonostasi of the home is recognized as a housewarming present, as it symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and fortune.

The Potential Side Effects of Pomegranates

Fresh pomegranate seeds are quite safe to eat if you don’t take pomegranate nutritional supplements and there aren’t many instances when specific side effects are experienced by someone.

The signs of the potential side effects of pomegranates are:

Some people experience sensitivity to seeds and pomegranate juice, including trouble breathing,itching, swelling, or/and runny nose.
• The root of pomegranate has lots of toxin and must never be eaten it may cause vomiting.
• Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be extra cautious while including pomegranate inside their meal plans.
•Individuals afflicted by low blood pressure should restrict their pomegranate eating Since pomegranate juice has the aptitude cut back the blood pressure level.
• Individuals afflicted by plant allergies are prone to come up with an allergic reaction to pomegranates.
• Pomegranates should not be eaten before and after operation due to their skills to reduce blood pressure.

Remember about using moderation, when including pomegranate in your diet plan strategy and consult with your physician prior to using any pomegranate nutritional supplements as a way to avert any potential side effects.

Are Pomegranate Nutritional Supplements Something I Recommend?

The pomegranate nutritional supplements may be convenient when you’ve got no possibility to get fresh pomegranates. Similar to every other form of nutritional supplements, pomegranate nutritional supplements do possess the negative effects, and that’s the reason why it is essential to consult with your physician first. Pomegranate nutritional supplements are offered in the majority of health food shops as pills, capsules, and loose powder.

    Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take the nutritional supplements that include pomegranate extract. In the event that you take any blood-thinning medicines, blood pressure drugs, and drugs that reduce cholesterol, you must not take the pomegranate nutritional supplements, no matter how “organic” they are.

When taken correctly, they raise your energy levels, lessen your cancer risk, fight inflammation, and pomegranate nutritional supplements will help enhance your heart health.

2 Straightforward Pomegranate Recipes:

There are a ton of ways to have pomegranates, but in the event that you are trying to find something simple, fast and healthy, give a go to these 2 recipes. You will not regret you did.

Happy Pomegranate Quinoa Salad


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • light herbed feta(if you choose)


•Let it cool.

•Add feta and the quinoa and fold to mix. Stir and serve.

Super Tasty Pomegranate-Packaged Parfait


•1 cup basic plant or Greek yogurt

•4 cinnamon graham cracker
•Almond milk sweetened
•1 cup pomegranate seeds


•In a tiny bowl, whisk yogurt and the milk and increase the jar.

•Layer another half graham cracker crumbs and top together with the pomegranate seeds.

•You can even add oats and nuts, in the event that you are making the parfait for breakfast.

    Today, pomegranates are underappreciated, yet more and more studies have been ran to let folks know about this astonishing fruit that is a great choice. I suggest have them during the winter season when they are a lot more tasty,although pomegranates are accessible throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to share your favourite pomegranate recipes in the comments down below.

Our world as well as this generation now is full of incredible opportunities. Nevertheless, I’m certain both you and I’ve encountered folks who only do not appear to value anything regardless of how much they have. Access to good, nutritious foods are one of those things.

Any other foods you wish to learn about? Feel free to leave a comment, and I will review it for you.