10 Steps to Realizing Your Dreams

    Many people are more concerned with planning their vacation, than planning their lives. Thus, they often find out it is too late. They realize there is not much time left, for their dreams and desires.

Image showing your dream life
Love your life.

Below are the 10 steps to realizing your dreams:


1. Make a list of things that are the most important to you.

What is really important to you? Is it family ? Is it leisure ? What about personal development? Your retirement? We must figure out, and focus on the things that are important to us. Grab yourself a pen and notepad, write down a list of those things important to you. This will hold you accountable, when you feel like giving up on yourself. The things on this list, will help you work towards the dreams you desire.


2. Think of your true goal.

Remember very well what you want to achieve, what is your goal? The more concrete the better. Consider then what you must do to achieve this. Do not let anything deter you from the truth path, and goal, you have set for yourself. This is your decision, yours alone.


3. Imagine your future self.

E. Nightingale concluded, after a study of what makes people successful: “We are what we think.” The image that dominates our brains most of the time is how we ultimately end up. Therefore, setting goals crucial in achieving success. It helps us keep the most important things in our life, in mind. Nightingale says that the easiest way to achieve our goals is to pretend we have achieved said goal already. In other words, walk, talk and pretend you experience all the success you look so forward. This acts as a self fulfilling prophecy: What we think, we become. What we become, we manifest.


4. Write 10 things you want to accomplish this year.

By making a list of things you care about, you start creating images in your mind. These are your goals. These allow you convert your knowledge, into targeted action. When your goals are planted in your subconscious, they will make you instinctively take action. Your behavior is influenced by your subconscious mind. As well as, the repetitive thoughts and ideas that you have in your subconscious – positive or negative – determine your actions.


5. Create your own storyboard.

Take blank paper, use a poster, or use a computer program. Paste pictures from magazines, articles, newspapers and websites on things that you want if you were to reach your goal tomorrow. We humans once thought in pictures and stories. Keeping this in mind, keep your storyboard handy. This way you always have those pictures in your mind.

6. How would your ideal day look? Write it down!

Write it in the present tense, as if it is so. Try to involve your 5 senses with it. What do you hear? Taste? what you feel? Anything you can think of, get as detailed as you can with it.

7. Visualize every day.

Every morning and every evening visualize what your goal is and what your ideal life looks like. Close your eyes, meditate on your thoughts. Visualize, in your mind, as you meditate on what your goal is. Feel it, as it is so in your life already. Visualize yourself as the success you already know you are. The law of attraction will help you realize your dreams, and making them a reality.


8. Make a plan.

What good is a goal, without a plan? Most of us just “wing it”. That can cause a lot of headache in the future. Make a plan to reach your goal, and take those steps every single day.  Before going to sleep, make a list of the six things you will do the next day. Write them in order of importance.


9. Evaluate your actions.

Evaluate every week and month of your progress. Are they working for you? Or against you? What went well, what can you improve. If you get stuck, ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. If something is not working, try something new. Do not be afraid to try new things.


10. Never give up.

This is the single most important step on this list. Everything takes time, focus on your actions and not too much on the result. If you do your everyday actions and learn from it, then the results will follow in suit. Never give up on what you want out of life. You are never too old, never too broke, never too _____ (insert negative self talk here). These thoughts, are poisonous to you and your happiness. These types of thoughts, are what crushes dreams and destroys even the greatest of people. I leave you with this quote:

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan