Let me introduce myself.Image showing coach corey

My name is, Corey Bradshaw, otherwise known as Coach Corey. I started my journey into fitness, nutrition and overall self enlightenment around the age of 19 years old. Before getting into health and fitness, I was born with a birth defect known as “clubbed feet” which would come back to haunt me my entire life. By age 5 I had 3 surgeries on both feet, and by my teenage years I was turning lazy and it only got worse. The birth defect, in turn had caused my knees to become “knocked knees” as well as my hips misaligned, which in turn caused my back to be in constant torsion. Hence, the “lazy” part.

All through my High School years, I grew more and more lazy. Not really wanting to leave the house, or anything like that. I don’t have a great story about how I was an athlete who got hurt. I didn’t play Football in college or any of that stuff. I simply spent most of my teenage years doing drugs, drinking, playing video games and eating junk food. This catapulted me to a weight of 310 lbs. And I felt every pound of it. Reliant on an inhaler, it was nothing for me to sit at home and do nothing for weeks on end. Making up excuses to make people come to me, instead of me going to them. I woud up moving from the state I resided in for 7 years, Minnesota, and moving back to my home state of Missouri. My life, effectively changed one night.

It was around October or November of 2010 when I changed my life forever. At 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday, I was half drunk, on my way to another lazy day. Typical, with dreams to become something big. But the initiative to sit on my ass and play video games all day. Not a good recipe for success. As I walked into the bathroom I spotted myself in the mirror. Bloated looking, and in a drunken stupor I asked myself who the fuck I even was anymore. That’s when I poured the liquor out, and stepped my ass on the treadmill and the rest is history. It was tough at first, not knowing what to do. Fruitless Google searches and conflicting arguments had me confused and distraught.I began walking every day and even thought my diet wasn’t the best I did manage to lose 25 lbs in one month.

Now, 15 lbs of that was water weight I had been holding onto but none the less it was still 25 lbs. I had found a great web forum, and my life changed even more. I began to cut out chips and candy and soda and all kinds of foods that are bad for you. I began to learn how to properly eat and began losing even more weight. I began to use P90X, for a couple months until I reached around 230 lbs. At which point I learned about supplementation and got a gym membership. I browsed a few websites, I learned meal plans and how to eat properly. I learned which supplements worked and which didn’t. I learned how to properly work out. After a year and a half I weighed 197 lbs. I hadn’t been under 200 since before High School.

During my journey, I have learned quite a few things to help me along the way. Those things prompted me to decide to become a certified holistic nutritionist, life coach, spiritual guide and reiki master. In turn, I decided to start ItsCoachCorey.com/ In hopes that I can help someone else along their path. My life is 110% dedicated to health, fitness and over all well being and becoming who you want in life.


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