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Nutritional Coaching by Coach Corey. Because abs are made in the kitchen, and so is strength. Whatever your fancy is, it can be achieved with the guidance of Coach Corey’s nutritional advice. Try it for yourself today, let the results speak for themselves.



So you want to get in shape?


This is by far the WORST part of losing weight, the diet. Nutrition is a hard thing to master, and an even harder thing to keep track of. The increase in the amount of food we have has almost doubled in the last 5 years. It is uncoupled just how much variety we have. I worked in retail for a while, overnights, stocking mainly the grocery side of the store. So, I got bored one night, stocking the canned good isle. I counted, roughly, 40 different types of soups. FOURTY different types of soups, and at least 15 different types of boxed hamburger helper type meals. This doesn’t count the freezer, prepackaged, sodium filled, overloaded with carbohydrate “meals.” Each company has 20 different flavors, with 10 different companies making them, you can see the struggle. The REAL problem comes from the fact that each of these companies tells you the same thing. “Eat this it’s healthiest for you.” They all try to sell you on healthy meals to replace your home cooked meals, at a “low cost.” When in reality, you are paying $2.00 for a meal that is half as nutritious and overpriced.

    Why you should prepare your own meals

Nutrition is fairly cut and dry, and unless you are buying prepared meals from a reputable company that is tailored to fitness and weight loss, you are losing out. The price difference, with the store bought meals and your own prepared meals is bar none. I can buy everything I need for a week’s worth the meal prepping, for under $30.00, especially if you buy in bulk. Depending on your pallet and how well you can deal with the nutritional plan, that is. If you cannot handle the simplicity and basic’s, obviously it can cost a little more for convenience and taste, but it is do-able. And it is do-able, cheap.

    The art of meal prep

Meal prepping is something, you will learn to love as well as learn to hate. During your time under my nutritional coaching, you will learn the very tedious and very lovely art of meal prepping. This is a staple, for anyone looking to lose weight and change their lives. This is also good for someone who is inherently busy and doesn’t want to cook a meal every single morning, and night. Because, let’s face it, if we don’t have anything prepared we ALWAYS go for fast food. It is never a HEALTHY alternative either. It is always a double quarter pounder with cheese or a big mac MEAL with a large fry and “diet soda” and make it a super size. This is something we are all guilty of. And we wonder where our money and our health goes?

    Price Comparison

Let’s say you’re busy, you work long hard days and you don’t have time to cook in the morning or at night. This is often the excuse people give as to why they cannot heat healthier, on top of the whole “cost more money” line. As far as the time issue, let’s not get into the binge watching Netflix you do after work. We all know time is always made for that. Let us instead, compare the prices of eating fast food 3 times a day compared to eating healthy with the $30 a week I promised.

    For argument’s sake, I will be using McDonald’s as it is usually everyone’s “go to” fast food place. We will also go the “cheap” route, using mainly the value menu:

Day one:
  • Breakfast: 2 sausage breakfast burritos and a coffee-$4.28
  • Lunch: McDouble and McChicken+Large drink-$4.43
  • Dinner: Same as lunch but add large fry to “spoil yourself”- $6.39
  • Total for day 1?: $15.10

This is HALF of your weekly money, in ONE DAY!  Not only that, let’s check out the nutritional breakdown?

  • Calories: 2,280
  • Fat: 106
  • Carbs: 231
  • Protein: 105
  • Sodium: 4,670

Talk about a walking heart attack! We won’t EVEN talk about the Big Mac’s and other things people usually consume! Sure, fat is good for you. I am a big advocate of a Keto diet high in fats and low in carbs. BUT, it is different to get fat from a good, holistic, source. Versus, getting the fat from an unknown source such as the McDonald’s kitchen. This is a nutrition nightmare.

For arguments sake, let’s say you did this for 7 days in a row. What do those numbers now look like?

  • Money spent: $105.70

That is almost the entire month’s worth of food I am promising you, in one week!

Now, can you see why you can never have any money to eat healthy? It is always spent on convenience foods, that are garbage for your body.

If you are needing someone to help guide you along the way, then this is for you. This nutritional coaching is a 1 on 1 based coaching where I will walk through every step with you. If you would rather just get a meal plan,etc check out my meal plan services here. OR if you are wanting regular life coaching (not nutritionally related), check it out here.

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