Compartmental Acrobatics. 

    Acrobats are known not only for their impressive routines, their dedication to their craft, but they are most well known for their balance. The way they can fling themselves into the air, and land with seemingly no effort at all. How they can keep such balance on the beam, and make it look … Continue reading Compartmental Acrobatics. 

Speak your mind, don’t mind your speak.

Fear of repercussion, fear of hurting feelings, fear of being opinionated. We mute ourselves, out of fear. We mute ourselves out of being scared, scared to be ourselves in a world where everyone wants to be the same. Everyone wants to be the next this or that, instead of being themselves. We look up to … Continue reading Speak your mind, don’t mind your speak.

Live in the NOW.

    I heard of an Author named Eckhart Tolle, and his book The Power of Now. This book changed my life so much. So much so, that I am on my third time listening to the audio book. The power of now is a powerful book, no pun intended. It taught me to live … Continue reading Live in the NOW.

Self Reflection IS Self Healing

Good afternoon everyone. I wasn't able to get my videos uploaded this morning or last night, but I can't leave you hanging without a blog post. I have been in deep contemplation these last few months, and it has brought me to this point. Self reflection and self help. These are two of the most … Continue reading Self Reflection IS Self Healing

The Bare Essentials of Weight Loss

Simple, right? "Eat as little food as you can. Near none, just eat some a tiny little bit of food daily. And watch the pounds just melt off." This is what a lot of the industry wants you to think. Since weight loss is; calories in V.S. calories out, it is often said the less … Continue reading The Bare Essentials of Weight Loss

Image of chakras

Chakra is, as Chakra does.

What are Chakras?   Our body is made up of a meridian, much like the earth. We "spin" on an axis. Our axis, or meridian, is compromised of 7 different centered points. Those points, are called our Chakra points. Those 7 Chakra points symbolize our entire being. Our entire consciousness is created from … Continue reading Chakra is, as Chakra does.