What’s All The Fuss About Pomegranates?

What are Pomegranates? In case you are learning about pomegranates for the very first time: Pomegranates are the orange-sized fruits using a solid ruby red outer skin and sweet arils - a reddish gelatinous flesh including a lot of seeds. Despite the various beliefs, the pomegranate seeds are completely healthy and edible. The truth is, … Continue reading What’s All The Fuss About Pomegranates?

The 10 Things People With Depression Want You To Know

Depression: The sad truth: A lot of the world is depressed. Weather it is material depression, clinical depression or depressant abuse depression. There is an increasing flood of depression hitting our world. Below is a list written by someone with depression, that the world should know. 1. We don't have all the answers; we barely … Continue reading The 10 Things People With Depression Want You To Know

When your emotions eat more than you

    Perhaps you have felt so alone that it caused you, while your tears were flowing to catch that tub of ice cream in the refrigerator? Maybe you grabbed a spoon and started eating it? Yes, all of US want to eat no matter what the circumstance is. Food is a fundamental requirement in … Continue reading When your emotions eat more than you

The truth about vitamin D. 

Have you ever noticed the way the sun makes you feel JOYFUL? Well... Are you aware that Sun exposure is recognized by the National Institutes of Health as the main source for Vitamin D? In fact, only 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure two or three days per week will enhance your natural immune … Continue reading The truth about vitamin D. 

How do you season your life?

    There are four seasons to a year, just like there are four seasons to your life. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It is inevitable that these seasons come, and they go. They never deviate, it is a contestant and known fact. You can anticipate this each and every year. You know when spring … Continue reading How do you season your life?

Unsubscribe, unfollow, unplug. 

    Attachment, one of the greatest causes of depression and anxiety in our modern world. As a matter of fact, I will venture to say, most of the depression now days is caused from being attached. Sit and think about it,what are we attached to? Movies, tv shows, the internet, ourcell phones, some of … Continue reading Unsubscribe, unfollow, unplug. 

As the rose petals fall. 

    We mustn't meet hate with hate. That is one of the greatest problems we face as a society. We know the phrases so well don't we? "An eye for an eye. " Or "fight fire wit fire." We learn from a young age, that it is okay to "get even" when someone wrongs … Continue reading As the rose petals fall.