Bodybuilding 101-The Lowdown On Supplementation

   The problem with amateur lifters: They simply do not eat right. I am not sure if this is something to do with misinformation they are given.  I am not sure if it is simply because they cannot afford the food(let's face it, they can). Maybe it's that they simply think supplementatio is required? Do you fall … Continue reading Bodybuilding 101-The Lowdown On Supplementation

Cracked shields and broken armour.

We are weak, broken down and in distress. The human race is tumbling into a nothingness of mental slaves and physically plagued with muscle viruses and misaligned bodies. Our minds are out of wack, our bodies are out of wack, we are headed into full on self destruction. BUT, it's not too late for you … Continue reading Cracked shields and broken armour.

You Are Not Who You Think You Are.   So often, we want to identify ourselves with a certain aspect of the world. Or, of life in general. We want to feel like we belong, like we are important to something. We want to BE things, we want people to KNOW we are those things. That, is where so many of us … Continue reading You Are Not Who You Think You Are.

Feed The Negative

Now, you might just be thinking "Man, this guy has gone completely insane". Reading the phrase, "Feed the negative", would have some people running for the hills. Why would we feed the negative? Isn't that the opposite of what we want to do? Isn't that completely against everything we are taught? We are taught to … Continue reading Feed The Negative

Introduction To Me

If you believe in yourself, what can stop you? Why limit yourself?  Why limit your mind? The world is such a vast area, too big for you to not strive for what you wish to achieve.     Video part 1: Video part 2:  

The meaning of life.

   I want to talk today about life in general. And, how you can make your life happier and better to the level you wish to achieve it. It is possible, to turn your life around and to be happier than you ever thought. While some of you sit there, you're depressed and upset. You … Continue reading The meaning of life.

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Fat Loss.

 We were all there once. Looking in the mirror, wanting to change. But not really knowing how. We over complicated it. And we stress our selves out. We hop on the scale, and frown when it says we actually GAINED weight. And we scream "HOW CAN THAT BE I HAVE BEEN ON KEY ALL WEEK". … Continue reading The Do’s and Do Not’s of Fat Loss.

Stretching: How, When, & Why You Should Do It.

  Our muscles are very complex. They get tight, and they hurt. But, with proper stretching, we can loosen them up thus, eliminating the nagging pains we often feel.   When we stretch our muscles, they become more elastic and they have a greater range of motion. They often help us with our daily lives. With … Continue reading Stretching: How, When, & Why You Should Do It.

The Bare Essentials of Weight Loss

Simple, right? "Eat as little food as you can. Near none, just eat some a tiny little bit of food daily. And watch the pounds just melt off." This is what a lot of the industry wants you to think. Since weight loss is; calories in V.S. calories out, it is often said the less … Continue reading The Bare Essentials of Weight Loss