Speak your mind, don’t mind your speak.

Fear of repercussion, fear of hurting feelings, fear of being opinionated. We mute ourselves, out of fear. We mute ourselves out of being scared, scared to be ourselves in a world where everyone wants to be the same. Everyone wants to be the next this or that, instead of being themselves. We look up to … Continue reading Speak your mind, don’t mind your speak.

Feed The Negative

Now, you might just be thinking "Man, this guy has gone completely insane". Reading the phrase, "Feed the negative", would have some people running for the hills. Why would we feed the negative? Isn't that the opposite of what we want to do? Isn't that completely against everything we are taught? We are taught to … Continue reading Feed The Negative

The meaning of life.

   I want to talk today about life in general. And, how you can make your life happier and better to the level you wish to achieve it. It is possible, to turn your life around and to be happier than you ever thought. While some of you sit there, you're depressed and upset. You … Continue reading The meaning of life.

Diseases, Can You Cure or Even Prevent Them?

 ***DISCLAIMER*** In no way am I claiming to be a doctor, miracle worker or to prove I can cure diseases. This is just from my own research and my own findings. Do YOUR OWN research to draw the conclusions for yourself. ***DISCLAIMER***  We all ask the same question. "I have, such and such disease. What … Continue reading Diseases, Can You Cure or Even Prevent Them?

The Basics: Calories, Carbs, Fats & Proteins.

Nutritional Basics: In case you missed part one. Let's face it, we have all been in this situation. Maybe you're wanting that summer body, because summer is coming up quickly. What about just wanting to lose a few pounds? It could be that you want to get back to the body you had 15 years ago. … Continue reading The Basics: Calories, Carbs, Fats & Proteins.

Image of chakras

Chakra is, as Chakra does.

What are Chakras?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-L7HpW9_SE   Our body is made up of a meridian, much like the earth. We "spin" on an axis. Our axis, or meridian, is compromised of 7 different centered points. Those points, are called our Chakra points. Those 7 Chakra points symbolize our entire being. Our entire consciousness is created from … Continue reading Chakra is, as Chakra does.