Change your life for good. 

    Perception is everything. How do you look at things in your life? What are your senses telling you, at this very moment? Now, take what you're feeling. And change how you see that situation. Change how you perceive that situation. For example, we are faced with this situation: Imagine you work for a … Continue reading Change your life for good. 

When all light dies

    As the old saying goes, "there's always a light at the end of the tunnel." Some of us live by that, don't we? Things aren't looking the greatest, but we still strive to find the light. We traverse the tunnle, searching and trying to find this light spoken of.      The problem … Continue reading When all light dies

The importance of time management.

You will hear me repeat this phrase over and over again, "86,400 seconds is all we get per day." Because, that is the cold hard truth we get 24 hours per day to manifest our dreams into reality. The most successful people have mastered this art. The art that is time management. Those such as … Continue reading The importance of time management.

Self Reflection IS Self Healing

Good afternoon everyone. I wasn't able to get my videos uploaded this morning or last night, but I can't leave you hanging without a blog post. I have been in deep contemplation these last few months, and it has brought me to this point. Self reflection and self help. These are two of the most … Continue reading Self Reflection IS Self Healing