Bodybuilding 101-The Lowdown On Supplementation

   The problem with amateur lifters: They simply do not eat right. I am not sure if this is something to do with misinformation they are given.  I am not sure if it is simply because they cannot afford the food(let's face it, they can). Maybe it's that they simply think supplementatio is required? Do you fall … Continue reading Bodybuilding 101-The Lowdown On Supplementation

When all light dies

    As the old saying goes, "there's always a light at the end of the tunnel." Some of us live by that, don't we? Things aren't looking the greatest, but we still strive to find the light. We traverse the tunnle, searching and trying to find this light spoken of.      The problem … Continue reading When all light dies

You are being lied to. 

    One of the greatest fears many of us have, is the fear of being scammed. So many opportunities are passed up, on the fear of being scammed. On the fear of something being "too good to be true." You have to love that saying, you've probably heard it time and time again. It's … Continue reading You are being lied to. 

Step into my world: Installment one

    Good morning everyone! I have decided to start providing periodic tidbits of things I've come up with. Weather it be, workout programs, diet advice, supplemental reviews/advice, etc. With that being said, the first installment starts today.     Today I will be sharing with you a workout program I designed. It is quite simplistic, … Continue reading Step into my world: Installment one

The Three Most Valuable Lessons I learned The Hard Way

What's going on today everybody? Long night last night getting my video on YouTube processed and up. So, it was a late start to today for me. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday and getting some much needed rest in like myself. I often find myself in deep contemplation on days like this. Slow … Continue reading The Three Most Valuable Lessons I learned The Hard Way

What’s the Point?

I get asked this question often. What's the point of working out everyday? What's the point of lifting all that heavy stuff? What's the point of your schooling, and what you're educating yourself on? What's the point of doing what you do? "It won't get you anywhere". "What is the practical use for it all?". … Continue reading What’s the Point?

Feed The Negative

Now, you might just be thinking "Man, this guy has gone completely insane". Reading the phrase, "Feed the negative", would have some people running for the hills. Why would we feed the negative? Isn't that the opposite of what we want to do? Isn't that completely against everything we are taught? We are taught to … Continue reading Feed The Negative

The Importance of Routine

All successful people have a routine. Weather it be to wake up at 5 A.M. and make coffee, go for a run, and begin their work day. Or, they wake up and they meditate, read, eat a bowl of oatmeal and read the newspaper. A routine is essential to getting what you want out of … Continue reading The Importance of Routine

Introduction To Me

If you believe in yourself, what can stop you? Why limit yourself?  Why limit your mind? The world is such a vast area, too big for you to not strive for what you wish to achieve.     Video part 1: Video part 2:  

Self Reflection IS Self Healing

Good afternoon everyone. I wasn't able to get my videos uploaded this morning or last night, but I can't leave you hanging without a blog post. I have been in deep contemplation these last few months, and it has brought me to this point. Self reflection and self help. These are two of the most … Continue reading Self Reflection IS Self Healing