The keto diet explained

    You want to lose a lot of weight, right? We all do, to some degree. Weather it's 5, 10, 20 or even 100 pounds. The ketogenic, or keto, diet can help us to achieve the goals we have. Let's break down what the basics of the Ketogenic diet is, or what I'll refer … Continue reading The keto diet explained

Who are you? 

    Can you answer that question? I mean truly answer that? Many of us can't. Not without giving our name, our astrology sign, our age, who our friends are. These things are not US. These things are outside forces, and do not at all define who we actually are.      You are your … Continue reading Who are you? 

Your genetics make you a failure. 

    You hear it time and time again. "I'll never be like (insert name), they have better genetics." "You cannot achieve that level of fitness you're just not genetically superior like all the others." So many people have so many different opinions about the situations of other people.      They say you can't … Continue reading Your genetics make you a failure. 

Compartmental Acrobatics. 

    Acrobats are known not only for their impressive routines, their dedication to their craft, but they are most well known for their balance. The way they can fling themselves into the air, and land with seemingly no effort at all. How they can keep such balance on the beam, and make it look … Continue reading Compartmental Acrobatics. 

Step into my world: Installment one

    Good morning everyone! I have decided to start providing periodic tidbits of things I've come up with. Weather it be, workout programs, diet advice, supplemental reviews/advice, etc. With that being said, the first installment starts today.     Today I will be sharing with you a workout program I designed. It is quite simplistic, … Continue reading Step into my world: Installment one