Meditation medication

    No doubt you've felt butterflies before a job interview or knots in your belly in moments of conflict.     All these are momentary events which should subside after that situation is over or solved. But, what occurs when you ruminate on what's occurred or dwell on bad things that may happen later … Continue reading Meditation medication

Cracked shields and broken armour.

We are weak, broken down and in distress. The human race is tumbling into a nothingness of mental slaves and physically plagued with muscle viruses and misaligned bodies. Our minds are out of wack, our bodies are out of wack, we are headed into full on self destruction. BUT, it's not too late for you … Continue reading Cracked shields and broken armour.

Fears: Living A Fear Based Life

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." -Franklin D. Roosevelt.     Sadly though, a lot of us live a fear based life. We live in a world full of phobias. According to ( there is over 500 documented phobias. That is quite the list, seeing as there is a fear of everything. Everything … Continue reading Fears: Living A Fear Based Life

What’s the Point?

I get asked this question often. What's the point of working out everyday? What's the point of lifting all that heavy stuff? What's the point of your schooling, and what you're educating yourself on? What's the point of doing what you do? "It won't get you anywhere". "What is the practical use for it all?". … Continue reading What’s the Point?

The Importance of Routine

All successful people have a routine. Weather it be to wake up at 5 A.M. and make coffee, go for a run, and begin their work day. Or, they wake up and they meditate, read, eat a bowl of oatmeal and read the newspaper. A routine is essential to getting what you want out of … Continue reading The Importance of Routine

Introduction To Me

If you believe in yourself, what can stop you? Why limit yourself?  Why limit your mind? The world is such a vast area, too big for you to not strive for what you wish to achieve.     Video part 1: Video part 2:  

Image of chakras

Chakra is, as Chakra does.

What are Chakras?   Our body is made up of a meridian, much like the earth. We "spin" on an axis. Our axis, or meridian, is compromised of 7 different centered points. Those points, are called our Chakra points. Those 7 Chakra points symbolize our entire being. Our entire consciousness is created from … Continue reading Chakra is, as Chakra does.