Time is money. 

    Imagine if you will, waking up every morning with $86,400.00 in your bank account. And with that $86,400.00 you have all day to spend it. When you wake up the next day, you notice another amount, equal to the amount yesterday, in your bank. And this keeps going on, indefinitely.      The … Continue reading Time is money. 

Fears: Living A Fear Based Life

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." -Franklin D. Roosevelt.     Sadly though, a lot of us live a fear based life. We live in a world full of phobias. According to (http://phobialist.com/) there is over 500 documented phobias. That is quite the list, seeing as there is a fear of everything. Everything … Continue reading Fears: Living A Fear Based Life

The importance of time management.

You will hear me repeat this phrase over and over again, "86,400 seconds is all we get per day." Because, that is the cold hard truth we get 24 hours per day to manifest our dreams into reality. The most successful people have mastered this art. The art that is time management. Those such as … Continue reading The importance of time management.